Open waterfront boulevards and airy pedestrian plazas make walking or cycling to ACC Liverpool pleasant and safe.

With open waterfront boulevards and airy pedestrian plazas, walking or cycling to ACC Liverpool is an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone.


Walking in Liverpool city centre is one of the best ways to experience the life, architecture and friendly nature of its people. We’re lucky to be in a city with an incredible culture and centuries of history at our fingertips – all for you to explore.

Fortunately, there are plenty of pedestrian access paths in and around the city to make it easy for you to travel by foot. In fact, pedestrianised areas around Liverpool ONE link to the wide Waterfront boulevard, the docks and (of course) the ACC Liverpool campus.

If you’re walking in from the city centre, there are multiple pedestrian access routes leading to the waterfront – to make getting here possible from all over the centre of Liverpool. Need directions when you’re walking to us? Apps like Citymapper or Google Maps make getting here simple and safe, wherever you’re visiting from.


Getting here by bike? There are a number of cycle routes that enable cyclists to easily get around Liverpool and visit ACC Liverpool by bicycle. You can find out more about the official routes available from Liverpool City Council’s website. Our city has also invested in an improved cycling infrastructure, with dedicated cycle lanes throughout the centre. 

Plus, you can take your bike for free on ferries and trains in Merseyside, though remember it's busy in peak hours. And, if you’re bringing your bike from further afield, you may need to pick up a ticket to reserve some bike space (usually at no extra cost). Most stations have free, secure cycle storage too!

Thinking of cycling to ACC Liverpool, but don’t have a bike? Voi Scooters is an e-scooter and e-bike scheme in Liverpool to offer people access to alternative travel methods. This is a joint initiative run by Voi, Liverpool City Council and Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to give you more freedom to explore our amazing city.

Whether you’re walking or cycling, it’s easy to get to ACC Liverpool in time for your event.