Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral Event Campus

We’re proud to have taken a significant step on our journey to net zero by becoming a carbon neutral event campus.

We are a Carbon Neutral Business

What does carbon neutral mean?

This means we are taking steps to remove from the atmosphere the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted by our operations. Carbon neutral status is achieved by cutting down emissions as much as possible first, and then investing in schemes that preserve and restoring natural carbon sinks (forests, oceans and soils).

By reducing and offsetting carbon emissions, we’re taking steps to remove the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced by our operations from the atmosphere, and work towards more positive sustainable events in the future.

How did we do it?

At ACC Liverpool, we’ve been working with leading sustainability organisation Carbon Neutral Britain to measure our total organisational emissions. From there, we’ve worked together to put a carbon reduction plan in place, offsetting our carbon footprint as we go by supporting credible, high-quality projects.

What’s next for us?

Even though we have been certified carbon neutral, this is only the first phase of our sustainability goals. We are committed to achieving carbon zero by 2030, which is where we'll have effectively reducing our emissions and the need for offsetting.  We are currently finalising our roadmap and next steps towards achieving our 2030 Net Zero status.

It’s incredibly important that everyone works together to minimise the environmental impact of events and supports each other to do as much as we can. That's why environment, sustainability and climate action are key focuses for our Social Value Impact Plan. and future sustainability goals as an event campus.