Social Value Event Checklist

We know that events don’t exist in isolation. Every plate of food, every stage light, delegate brochure and taxi taken has an impact on the world around us.

There are so many resources and so much information available to us that sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when planning a sustainable event. That’s why we’ve created a social value checklist for you to consider as you start your planning journey.

  • Download our handy social value factsheets and share with your team and delegates so that they know ACC Liverpool is a green venue
  • Consider having a paperless event. We have plenty of digital screens available throughout the campus to promote your sponsors and communicate key messages to your delegates.
  • Consider including a health and wellbeing aspect to your event. This could be a morning jog along the waterfront to get those endorphins pumping, or set up a Quiet Zone for any delegates that need a break from your busy programme.
  • Encourage your delegates to think about their mode of travel to the venue. Liverpool is easily reachable by public transport, and once you're here we have lots of options to get around - e-scooters, bikes and on-foot!
  • Ask our in-house team to measure the carbon footprint of your on-site activities, or use SAM - a free tool launched by ICE (with support from us) - to measure the footprint of your entire event, including travel or any off-site social activities.
  • Use local suppliers! Our procurement team have a handy list of local printers, photographers, florists and much more to meet your event needs.
  • Make your menu as inclusive as possile. Our catering partners Sodexo Live! can work with you to create a range of tailored menus - from carbon neutral options through to vegan delights - and all sourced locally.
  • Take advantage of Sodexo Live!'s Waste-Watch initiative, which will allow you to track and monitor any food waste generated. You can use these learnings to reduce avoidable waste at your future events, which will help alleviate any associated environmental and financial costs.
  • Work with us to arrange the donation of any leftover food or equipment to some of our local charities.