Event Legacy

What Is It and How Can You Create It?

If you've ever attended an event that left a lasting impression on you, you'll know the power of event legacy. 

But for those who don’t know, you may wonder, what exactly is an event's legacy? And why is it important? In this blog, we'll answer these questions and more as we dive into everything you need to know about creating a legacy for an event. 

Whether you're planning an event or simply interested in learning more about this important concept, we've got you covered. 

Read on to learn more about event legacy and how to create it…

What is event legacy?

Naturally, all organisations aspire to make a lasting impact on their attendees and create a memorable event or congress. Think of event legacy as exactly that.

Event legacy is essentially an event's impact before, during and beyond its actual occurrence. And when we say impact, we mean cultural, physical and economic. It's the impact and values a specific event can have on people, small or large communities, the host venue and the location itself. 

Positive event legacy is becoming increasingly important for many places and industries, and we class it as extremely important for us as a venue and Liverpool as a whole. 

It’s our firm belief that events have the potential to make a real difference, known to bring people together, inspire and lead social change, as well as significantly boost the local and regional economy, which is why we strive to make a meaningful difference with the work we do. 

What are the main benefits of event legacy?

There are so many reasons why event legacy is beneficial, and various types of event legacy exist. We’ll explain in more detail below. 

Firstly, as we mentioned earlier, event legacy has the power to create a lasting impact beyond the event itself, particularly from a social, economic and environmental perspective. This means an event can continue to benefit those who attended and the wider community long after it ends. 

Plus, event legacy holds tremendous potential to positively impact local communities in various ways, whether through social outreach, education, or regeneration efforts. By considering the long-term impact of events, it’s possible to create a lasting legacy that benefits attendees as well as the surrounding community.

Secondly, if your event has a positive, lasting impact, it can build a positive brand reputation and even increase valuable awareness of the event or organisation that hosted it. 

Thirdly, it can be a significant driver of economic growth, particularly in the case of large-scale events that attract tourism and generate revenue for local businesses. 

We’ll take a large-scale event as the basis for an example, although an event doesn’t have to be large to attain a legacy! However, when an event attracts a significant number of visitors, it can have both a direct and indirect effect on the local economy, especially when it comes to local businesses. 

For instance, as you’ll know, we’ll be hosting Eurovision 2023 this year. And, of course, we’ll need the help of the entire city to make visitors feel welcome and enjoy their trip to Liverpool. After all, our cultural scene is like no other, and those visiting for the event will need a place to stay, things to do and places to dine as they soak up our incredible city. This will mean that hotels, hospitality venues, retail districts, and transportation services will likely feel a positive impact.   

The importance of legacy in event planning and the future of the industry

Legacy simply refers to the long-term effects that events and congresses aim to create, which can positively impact the city region and stakeholders. 

It's about understanding how event activities in Liverpool can become more than just the consumption of services but, instead, a project or programme that aligns with the mission and purpose of our city. By creating something more meaningful for the community, we can ensure that Liverpool continues to thrive, placing our city on the map to be a desirable and impactful destination for all types of events.

It’s no secret that the events industry has become a crucial platform for promoting a positive impact and education, so more associations, businesses, and tradeshows are adopting new models and approaches to live events. 

Collaboration, engagement, sustainability, and legacy are now at the forefront of business events planning, and, for us, Liverpool must be a leader in this movement. Event organisers across all industries are now partnering with destinations and venues to include legacy objectives in their request for proposal (RFP), recognising the importance of their long-term positive impact.

Organisations are now seeking locations that can demonstrate the functional elements of an event or congress and how they can engage local networks to create meaningful change. For us, embracing this new landscape is in the best interest of everyone, helping to bring a beneficial impact to the region that we call home! 

So, we’re trying to say that it’s so much more than just the immediate impacts that events can bring to Liverpool. It’s a deeper understanding of how the industry can bring value to the community, which will feel its effects long after the event. 

What types of events can create an impactful legacy?

The beauty is that there’s no limitation to what type of event can achieve a positive legacy. In fact, just about any type of event can do it as long as it is planned and executed with the right mindset and key objectives. 

All you’ll need to do is shift your focus to how you can leave a truly lasting impression on attendees, the location and the wider community. What are some examples of this? See below: 

  • A cultural event could positively impact and encourage diversity and inclusion by engaging hard-to-reach communities and working to remove barriers to their attendance.
  • An organisation trying to boost awareness for a cause could unite those impacted by opening up its educational content to the public. 
  • A corporate event could use its event to promote sustainability practices, paving the way for others to make necessary changes. 
  • A tradeshow could open up the space for networking opportunities, allowing people to share knowledge and gain lasting connections.
  • A large-scale entertainment event could positively impact local businesses, allowing the whole community and city to feel a sense of belonging, working together to showcase what the city has to offer. 

To summarise the above, any event, regardless of the industry, can leave a significant legacy for everyone involved. With the right support and a well-structured strategy, organisers can deliver an unforgettable event that promotes social, environmental, and economic sustainability, fosters community involvement, and generates long-lasting effects.

What helps to create a strong, long-lasting event legacy? 

Creating a strong, long-lasting event legacy requires a thoughtful and strategic approach considering the potential impact and outcomes that can extend beyond the immediate event. In other words, no stone left unturned! 

So, when planning an impactful event, it’s important to think beyond just the day (or days!) that it will take place. Below, we’ve included information on some important aspects that can help create a strong event legacy. 

Always aim to create a unique and memorable experience

In order for an event to have a lasting impact, it needs to be memorable. 

This means going beyond the standard agenda and creating an experience visitors will always remember. Deliver on all of your promises, and live up to expectations that were set to encourage attendees to take the time to come to your event. 

Whether that’s by hosting at a first-class venue with incredible facilities, ensuring all elements of your event are inclusive, coming up with a creative theme or making sure that you’ve thought of everything concerning how to make their visit worthwhile, your attendees will be much more likely to share their positive experience with others if they feel as though your event brought value. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth! 

Get the whole community involved

Events that involve the local community are more likely to have a lasting impact. After all, not only are you bringing more value to your event, but you’ll also be forming lasting relationships with these communities. 

This could mean partnering with local businesses, ensuring that you’ve incorporated local culture and traditions, or even creating employment by attracting members of the local community to help run your event. 

When the local community feels invested in an event, they are more likely to talk about it and promote it to others, which can help spread awareness and create a stronger event legacy.

Awareness is key

Creating a buzz around what you’re bringing to life is essential! 

Event organisers can reach a wider audience and generate more interest by utilising the resources available to them, such as social media and other marketing channels. Positioning your event as a memorable experience that’s not to be missed will likely enhance the potential of your effectiveness, increasing the chances of leaving a lasting impression. 

Inspire your audience

For event legacy to be achieved, focus on how inspiring the experience is for those attending. Are they there to further their knowledge on a particular subject? Or, is the purpose of your event to entertain or maybe bring people together for a specific purpose? 

We encourage you to delve deeper into what your event can offer those who plan to attend. For example, you might incorporate interactive experiences for your audience or plan to host at a venue that can offer innovative technology, allowing you to bring your event to life at a whole new level. You may even schedule relevant, expert guest speakers who will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. 

Incorporate sustainability

Whilst legacy and sustainability are their own distinct areas, ensuring your event is as green as possible should still be a huge consideration when wanting to achieve an event legacy. The events industry plays a crucial role in promoting and encouraging the adoption of positive behaviours, operational practices, and policies. 

So, as the world becomes more aware of the impact of events on the environment, it’s important to do your best, focusing on sustainability and responsible practices. 

There are many ways in which an event can improve its sustainability efforts. This could include (but is not limited to) ensuring that where you choose to host your event aligns with your environmental values, reducing waste where possible, and ensuring catering arrangements are sourced either locally or from sustainable suppliers. 

By focusing on sustainability, event organisers can reduce their environmental impact, create a positive legacy, and set an example for others to follow. 

By incorporating these essential factors into event legacy planning, organisers have a better chance of creating a strong, impactful experience that benefits everyone involved, opening up the potential to inspire other event organisers to do the same. 

What is an example of an event leaving a lasting legacy at ACC Liverpool?

We’ve always deemed legacy events to be of utmost importance for our city and venue as a whole. That’s why we’ve always strived to host events that matter to the community from all walks of life. 

Over the years, we’ve had the honour of being the host venue for many incredible events and conferences, with Eurovision 2023 set to be our largest to date. We’ve provided an example of an organisation that has secured an event legacy for its cause below.

Diabetes UK conference 

For three consecutive years, we have had the pleasure of being the conference venue of choice for Diabetes UK.

Healthcare professionals from across the country gather for a transformative, three-day event, which is centred around the latest breakthroughs and discoveries in diabetes treatment and care. 

In 2019, more than 3,000 experts, peers, and colleagues from around the world were in attendance, which allowed the conference to present a unique opportunity for attendees to network, inspire one another and share insights on cutting-edge advancements in diabetes research.

Diabetes UK used this conference to present groundbreaking research, unveiling the highly anticipated second-year results of the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT). 

Scientists demonstrated to attendees that weight loss, facilitated through an innovative new weight management programme offered by NHS primary care, can lead to the remission of Type 2 diabetes for at least two years, transforming the way Type 2 diabetes can be managed and treated. The impact of this conference was phenomenal, with those that attended also taking part in a 5km fun run along the picturesque River Mersey, helping to raise further awareness for the cause.

The conference was then followed by an insider event, which also took place at ACC Liverpool. This event was designed specifically for adults living with diabetes or parents of children living with diabetes. 

Visitors were given an exclusive opportunity to hear about the latest developments unveiled during the Professional Conference, which further emphasised the value of the knowledge and connections shared during this transformative event, cementing why conferences like this are so important. 

Overall, Diabetes UK has successfully impacted the diabetes research community and has become an important annual gathering for professionals in the field.

The launch of the ACC Liverpool Legacy Toolkit: bespoke packages for event and conference organisers

We are proud to announce that we are the first venue in England to launch a groundbreaking legacy toolkit for event organisers.

We are passionate about encouraging organisations to think beyond the immediate impact of their events and consider the long-term positive outcomes for our wonderful city. Our ACC Liverpool Legacy Toolkit is designed and structured to promote knowledge around legacy and foster closer engagement between event organisers, venues, local communities, and stakeholders. 

As part of this initiative, our team can connect clients to local 'Legacy Champions' from a wide range of specialisms, including through the fantastic Club Liverpool ambassador network, to help align their event objectives with our city's. 

Adrian Evans, our Director of Conference and Exhibition Sales, shared that our research has shown that event organisers often desire to leave a lasting legacy following their event at our venue but may not always know where to begin. So, we're excited and motivated to help them make a meaningful impact with the support of our ACC Liverpool Legacy Toolkit. 

Why have we created an Event Legacy Toolkit for event organisers?

With event legacy more important than ever, we've noticed that event organisers are looking for locations that offer the right facilities and space to host an event and ways to inspire and engage the local community to create a positive impact. 

We've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of events, and, as a landmark venue, it's our responsibility to maximise the social, cultural, and economic legacy of every event that takes place with us at ACC Liverpool. 

The beauty of our Event Legacy Toolkit is that it’s designed to be a bespoke package, tailored to your event and organisation. So, this means that we’ve created a service focused on identifying and developing a unique legacy for your organisation and our city, which we will execute together. We will support you in ensuring that your event is the best it can be, helping you exceed expectations and leave a lasting, positive impression on the community. 

To fully support organisers in building their knowledge of legacy and community engagement, we connect them with a wide range of specialists in their respective fields through our wonderful ambassador programme. 

We believe the city's support has always been and will continue to be crucial in creating a successful legacy for any event in Liverpool. There’s just nowhere else like our city, which allows us to be a unique and memorable location to host all types of events, whether that’s on an international or national level. 

We are the bridge, connecting event organisers with local communities and other stakeholder groups. At our core, we prioritise working closely with all of our city partners to drive engagement and create opportunities for social activity, investment, and community development. We ensure that all events hosted at our incredible venue leave a lasting impact and make a meaningful contribution to our region's growth and prosperity.

What we want to achieve with the launch of our Event Legacy Toolkit

As a city, we are committed to providing the support event organisers need to enable them to gain a better understanding of the event legacy. 

We want to empower them to feel immense engagement from our local communities and stakeholders, allowing them to bring something truly memorable to life. Through these efforts, we seek to foster a deeper, long-lasting positive impact on Liverpool City Region, promoting sustainable outcomes that benefit all involved.

So, what do we consider when creating the perfect event legacy strategy before, during and after collaborations? Our approach is made up of several factors, which we’ve summarised below:

  • We shape a better understanding of how your event could fill a gap for communities. 
  • We’ll be looking at your mission and values and how they align with Liverpool’s overall priorities. 
  • We look at how your event will impact Liverpool from every perspective (e.g. will your event bring social and economic development to the city? Will it bring communities of like-minded people together? How can we support you to achieve the best possible outcome?). Then, we’ll look at transforming those impactful elements into actionable, measurable objectives for the people and the city. 

It isn’t overly complicated or, by any means, unachievable. We’re looking at every way of maximising your event for you as an organisation and for Liverpool as a whole. And anything is possible when we work together to achieve this common goal! 

Creating a lasting legacy for your event with ACC Liverpool

We hope you’ve found our article on event legacy useful. 

At ACC Liverpool, we specialise in ensuring that all Liverpool events we host offer lasting value to organisers, attendees and the local community as we work together to achieve the best possible outcome for all stakeholders involved. 

So, if you want to achieve a positive legacy for your event or organisation, contact us today to learn more about our ACC Liverpool Event Legacy Toolkit.  

Find out more about our Event Legacy Toolkit at ACC Liverpool today

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