Food Moments

Everything's Catered For

From traditional banquets to creative canapés, catering at ACC Liverpool gives you all you’ll ever need. As the flagship venue in the UK and Europe for our global catering partner Sodexo Live! our classically trained chefs have the skill and experience to make food and drink a stand-out feature of your event. 


Enjoy world class food at a world class venue. Sodexo Live’s Food Moments menu is a collection of dishes designed to reflect your catering requirements for every moment of your conference or event. 

Our catering partner Sodexo Live! has extensive international experience of venue and event-based catering, and has honed their craft to precision. Whether we're feeding ten or a thousand, their dishes are prepared to order and the service is friendly and personal, yet efficient and professional.

Despite their international credentials, they focus on delivering regional cuisine by using local suppliers wherever possible. At Sodexo Live! it’s specifically the small things they do that are noticed and appreciated. They focus on attention to detail and provide a complete catering service, from lunchtime snacks to restaurant fine-dining.