Everything's Catered For

From traditional banquets to creative canapés, catering at ACC Liverpool gives you all you’ll ever need. As the flagship venue in the UK and Europe for our global catering partner Sodexo Live! our classically trained chefs have the skill and experience to make food and drink a stand-out feature of your event. 

Enjoy world class food at a world class venue. Sodexo Live's Food Moments menu is a collection of dishes designed to reflect your catering requirements for every moment of your conference or event. 

Our catering partner Sodexo Live! has extensive international experience of venue and event-based catering, and has honed their craft to precision. Whether we're feeding ten or a thousand, their dishes are prepared to order and the service is friendly and personal, yet efficient and professional.

Despite their international credentials, they focus on delivering regional cuisine by using local suppliers wherever possible. At Sodexo Live! it’s specifically the small things they do that are noticed and appreciated. They focus on attention to detail and provide a complete catering service, from lunchtime snacks to restaurant fine-dining.

Sustainability is on the menu

Sodexo’s approach to sustainable supplies includes sourcing products that meet industry marques and partnering with suppliers from the local region.

Sodexo’s sustainable procurement policy focuses on sustainability, seasonality and provenance. They continually review their logistics arrangements in order to reduce delivery miles.

They source sustainable fish and seafood from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fisheries and farmed fish from well managed and sustainable sources.

They are committed to sourcing Red Tractor assured products, sustainable fish and products that are in season wherever possible. Sodexo were the first catering company to ensure that its fresh meat, sourced from British farms, is Red Tractor accredited.

They work with local suppliers including Home Baked to bring the best of Liverpool to delegates. 

Working with Klimato

We have partnered up with Klimato to add carbon labelling to all of our client menus. All ingredients used in our menus are assigned a carbon footprint based on the type of ingredient, production method and country of origin. Our team of Sodexo Live! Chefs have then built recipes to calculate the total carbon footprint of all our dishes

Waste Not Want Not

Sodexo has formed a successful partnership with Leanpath – the provider of the world’s most advanced automated food waste tracking and analytics platform to measure and reduce food waste.

We also use ORCA technology on site to anaerobically digest food waste. ORCA uses mostly air, along with water and microbiology to turn food waste into an environmentally safe liquid that goes down the drain and is disposed of using the existing sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Nutritious Dishes

At least 50% of our menus at ACC Liverpool are now vegetarian or vegan. We have delivered a range of events that are 100% plant-based with great success. These options aren't just for delegates who are vegetarians or vegans - they are popular with everyone, whether you're a meat lover, pescatarian or flexitarian.

Sodexo Live! is partnered with Meatless Farm - a company who strives to help people reduce their meat consumption by swapping to its meat-free products. 

Catering to every need

Whatever your dietary preference or requirement, Sodexo Live! can cater for it. Our teams will work with you to discuss the profile of your audience and recommend options to make your menu as inclusive and accessible as possible. 

Designated “Allergy Champions” are on hand at every event at ACC Liverpool to offer expert knowledge on dietary requirements. Providing a varied and nutritious menu is a very important aspect of every conference, however we realise that some visitors may be unsure as to what they can and cannot eat if they have dietary needs. Whilst all of our team receive allergen training, these team members have received additional training on allergens and wear green aprons so they are easy to identify.