Working With Us


Our procurement policy and procedures adhere to public sector procurement rules and regulations. On 28th October 2024, the new Procurement Act and Regulations will be launched.

Organisations can find out further information regarding new public sector procurement requirements via the government’s website Transforming Public Procurement.


ACC Liverpool, as part of The ACC Liverpool Group, endeavours to be fair, open and honest when obtaining quotations or tendering for contracts. Our tendering opportunities are advertised through the Delta eSourcing Portal.

Supplier registration on Delta is available via Delta eSourcing Supplier Registration

Organisations looking to supply to ACC Liverpool should register with Delta eSourcing and review the Delta website on a regular basis for all the latest tendering opportunities.


All contracts with a value of £25,000 or above (excluding VAT) are advertised through Delta eSourcing. Quotations will be requested for contracts below £25,000 in value.

Suppliers can also email to hear about the latest quotation exercises being undertaken. Unfortunately, Due to the sheer number of responses we receive, ACC Liverpool is unable to does not maintain a database of suppliers to be notified when contracts are due for renewal due to the sheer level of interest we receive from suppliers.


The ACC Liverpool Group's standard terms and conditions can be found here. 

Organisations looking to supply to ACC Liverpool should consider opportunities to incorporate social value benefits into their quotations or bids. When tendering, ACC Liverpool applies a minimum weighting of 10% of the total award criteria to social value. Innovative ideas and solutions that will maximise the impact of social value in our supply chain are always welcome. Further information on our Social Value Impact Plan can be found here.