Capture the moment

Video Production and Streaming

Whether capturing your keynote speakers and their presentations for post conference viewing or streaming a session live to remote delegates, our team will work with you to find the perfect solution. We have carefully developed our capability for multi session video streaming and recording meaning your delegates never have to miss a session again.

If you also want a video production created of your event, our team have the knowledge and skills to deliver a stylish video that captures the essence of your event and meets your requirements. 

Video Streaming layout

Retinal Oct

To help you capture your conference to maximum effect, we have developed a system which brings together your presentation and live camera feed, along with the session and speaker name. This video record can then be either used afterwards on your website or streamed live for delegates inside or outside the conference. 

Above is an example of the video streaming product that we can create. A large proportion of the screen will be set out to show the presentation feed and a live camera shot. In addition you can choose to have individual titles for the speaker and sessions. We can also brand the layout with your logo, event name or sponsor.  


Benefits of our streaming options

Production Iphone
  • Brings presentation and camera together in one file
  • Editable text, titles and layouts live "on the fly"
  • No significant post production
  • High quality video resolution 1920 x 1080, as Mp4, MOV or AVI files
  • Video files can be ready for you at the end of each day if required or streamed live to suit your requirements