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2020 Vision - Welcome to the Twenties

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11 February 2020

We're setting out our vision for 2020 and beyond, dedicated to continuing our journey as a responsible, ethical and sustainable venue. This is something that is close to our hearts, and we're invested in making a difference to the world and environment around us. 

With this is mind we have launched our 2020 Vision campaign…

We are in planning mode here at The ACC Liverpool Group as we look ahead to a new decade and focus on our commitments.

CSR and sustainability quite rightly continue to be key among organisations and of the utmost importance to event organisers. 

We recognise the huge importance of being a responsible venue, giving organisers and delegates reassurance and support to operate sustainable events with minimal impact on the environment.  We continuously look at how we can implement initiatives to keep CSR at the forefront of the minds of visitors, employees and suppliers. 

For example, we established an energy watch team which ensures that usage is effectively managed and wastage is monitored and curbed.  The design of the building, along with its insulation and air control system, is inherently efficient and requires significantly less energy than a traditional build.  We installed 925 photovoltaic panels on the roof of Exhibition Centre Liverpool, allowing us to generate our own renewable energy. In the past four years they have produced £28,000 worth of electricity and reduced our CO2 emissions equivalent to planting 4,259 trees, they will allow us to generate our own renewable energy for the next 20 years. Rainwater is collected on the roof of our campus, accounting for 40 per cent of the water used for flushing toilets within the arena.

Another initiative is maintaining a zero to landfill status as we continue to drive innovation to increase the percentage of waste to recycling.  For example recycling cylinders from fire extinguishers across our campus into powder which is then turned into fertiliser. The skirts of the extinguishers are recycled into patio furniture and the hoses turned into soft flags for playgrounds.  We have installed LED lights lighting across the campus to improve efficiency, reduce energy costs and lower CO emissions and carbon footprint.

In addition, our focus is to reduce and eliminate the use of single-use plastics.  Our catering partner, Sodexo, has phased out plastic food receptacles and moved to fully compostable and recyclable packaging in ACC Liverpool.  We're also going to be working alongside Foodinate, a social enterprise tackling food poverty in the UK. 

We support our clients to make the events we host as sustainable as possible.  For example we have installed in-kitchen food waste trackers to allow our chefs to immediately see the financial and environmental impact of food waste.  This technology means that up to 55 tonnes of waste are diverted from landfill every three years.  The waste trackers were used at BBC Studios Showcase which we held recently. 

Another initiative we championed was facilitating the donation of any leftover food, products or equipment to local homeless charities, foodbanks and community groups. 

The 2019 IACC Meeting Room of the Future report highlighted that 44 per cent of respondents believe ethical operations and sustainable practices will be one of the most important elements for venues by the year 2024.

We are playing our own small part to make our venue more sustainable and are constantly looking at how we can improve.  We’d like to continue to hear from clients about their priorities and measures taken by other venues and organisations.  It is imperative that we all work together, and learn from each other, to make smart decisions so that we all achieve sustainable events.