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25 February 2019

ACC Liverpool welcomed BBC Studios for the eighth time for its annual Showcase.

A host of celebrities attended the event including Sir David Attenborough, who launched the new series One Planet: Seven Worlds, Professor Brian Cox - who presented The Planets - as well as Riz Ahmed and Toby Jones.  Academy Award-winning writer and director, Steve McQueen CBE, presented his first British television project via satellite.

Hundreds of the world’s leading TV executives viewed new content as well as attending masterclasses, co-production forums and specially curated sessions.  On and off screen talent, independent British producers and top BBC executives presented a wide and diverse range of top quality content at the event.

BBC Studios once again utilised the event campus - Exhibition Centre Liverpool was used as a testing site ahead of Showcase while hundreds of digi booths for delegates to view content, in addition to break-out meeting rooms and pods, were specially constructed in ACC Liverpool.  M&S Bank Arena, also part of the site, was transformed for two separate dinners for guests – the first highlighted a number of new shows such as The Planets and Good Omens.  The venue was converted overnight for the second dinner which focused on the new series of One Planet: Seven Worlds where some of the accompanying music, composed by Hans Zimmer and his team at Bleeding Fingers Music, was performed for the first time.

Bob Prattey, chief executive of The ACC Liverpool Group, said: “Once again the BBC Studios teams, supported by our staff, transformed our venue in a unique and innovative way for this flagship event.  The creative use of our space was once again outstanding and we were pleased to welcome back Showcase for the eighth year running.” 

In its 43rd year and the first under the Studios banner, BBC Studios Showcase flies the flag for British creativity and brings together an unrivalled programme for the global TV industry.  BBC Studios is the largest distributor of TV content outside of the US and sells programmes as well as secures financing on behalf of the BBC and UK independent producers.