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14 June 2016

ACC Liverpool has unveiled the results of a survey about internal meetings.

 The team investigated whether employees stick to the true definition of a meeting as ‘an act or process of coming together for a common purpose.’  It carried out a piece of research among contacts in the events industry about interaction within organisations, probing factors such as the amount of time spent tied up in internal meetings.

The most surprising finding is that employees attend 40 pointless internal meetings every year.  Staff leave at least three meetings every month with no clear actions, no decisions made and no specific outcomes.  Some respondents revealed they spend up to 10 hours per week in such meetings.

Kerrin MacPhie, director of conference and exhibition sales at ACC Liverpool, said: “We hear a lot of debate and discussion about meetings – indeed, the foundation of the industry we are a part of is based on the importance of face to face interaction.

“However, we feel that there is a notable difference between those meetings and conferences we organise for our clients and internal company meetings.

“This has inspired us to carry out our own research on how organisations prepare for internal meetings and we have conducted a survey which has revealed some interesting results. 

“Our results suggest that many of us spend far too much time away from our desks tied up in internal meetings with no notable outcomes.  The cost of these ill-managed meetings to businesses is phenomenal.”

More than 95 per cent agree that internal meetings provide a good opportunity to debate and share ideas, above all providing that important opportunity for discussion as well as helping to establish relationships, negotiate and speed up the decision making process.

ACC Liverpool has quizzed the industry to find out their thoughts about meetings.  Jon Kelly, managing director of live events agency Meet & Potato, said: “It’s our business to discuss meeting options with clients. Inevitably pre-production meetings are held at the clients’ offices, but we always advise on the importance of holding live events, including the rehearsals, away from the office.  It provides an environment without distractions and provides the mental and physical space to harness creativity and discussion.

“It’s important that these off-site venues have the right space and facilities though so that we maximise the effectiveness of our time together.

“Things like the AV not working properly, or the refreshment trolley rattling in before lunchtime when the meeting is still going on, are distractions you don’t need. Time is precious.”

As a result of the findings, a special report has been created to help enhance company meetings with a range of top tips and ideas to improve meetings, from starting a meeting at 22 minutes past the hour to switching off Wi-Fi.

Good communication and shared knowledge is the key to success.  Meetings are vital, of course, if done in the right way,” added MacPhie.

Download the report here.

Team Liverpool will be exhibiting on stand J405 throughout The Meetings Show and will be available to discuss the survey findings.