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Dominic Leeson News
27 July 2016

As the first official figures from the Office for National Statistics show that one in 10 people has been the victim of cybercrime in the past year, Dominic Leeson, head of IT at The ACC Liverpool Group, comments on how venues can help protect themselves.

With several high profile companies falling prey to cyber attacks and new figures showing nearly 6 million fraud and cybercrimes were committed in England and Wales last year, it’s easy to understand why no-one feels safe in today’s technology landscape.  Commercial espionage, hacktivism and sabotage are among the motives seen in recent years.

The ever increasing reliance and investment in IT means the risk to businesses cannot be ignored, and the reputational damage of a serious breach can linger on.

In an industry focused on major events, it’s vital that venues have a robust information security policy.  Wi-Fi networks accessed via free one click connections may be convenient for visitors but provide an attractive way in for potential hackers trying their luck.  

There are ways venues can try and prevent cyber attacks - arrange penetration tests, hire ethical hackers, invest in security technologies and alerting platforms and ensure physical security is as tight as possible.  Establish and safeguard your people data, take ownership of where this sits and how it can be accessed, reviewed and documented.

With EU Data Protection Regulations soon to be implemented, threatening to levy up to four per cent turnover fines if companies are in breach of regulations, everyone needs to sit up and pay attention.